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Shaka Berry
How is restaurant marketing to your local office and community workers? I'm Shaka Berry, My company, Urban Enterprises, offers building distribution for restaurants and attractions (Ticketed Events) in the Atlanta area. In short, I have teams of ladies who go door-to-door in office buildings hand delivering promotional materials. Our distribution services are a personally targeted advertising medium that focuses your marketing dollars on the people who work in your trade area. We provide a high-end delivery service that has been distributing in the Atlanta area for 38+ years. We know how to get into the buildings, and we have secured the relationships that will get your message to the employed professionals who work within 1 mile of your store. Furthermore, we can advise you on designing pieces that will attract attention, and we can get the pieces printed at an affordable rate. We strive to increase lunch traffic, ticket sales, event space rental, and catering revenue! Here i