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Adriean Harris
Laura Keeley
I left a voicemail Saturday night around 11:30pm when I got home. I was at the restaurant Saturday night around 10:15pm and ordered takeout. I ordered sushi and habachi (chicken and shrimp). I paid with my credit card. When I got home I opened up the bag of food and realized that the fried rice was not in the box with the habachi. I was very disappointed because the rice is the main meal. The chicken was dry and overcooked or leftovers and the vegetables were not great either. I called and left a message that my order was not complete but no one has contacted me. I would like the fried rice that I paid for and tipped on that I didn't receive. Please contact me by email LLKEELEY@Comcast.net. Thank you. Laura Keeley
East Cobb Family
We did not rate your restaurant 5 stars. It deserves 0 star.
East Cobb Family
We will never come back to your restaurant after the horrible experience we had tonight. The manager was rude from the minute we walked in the door and asked questions about the menu. We waited for the chef to start cooking for over 35 minutes. When I asked the manager about it, he said that the hibachi took 20 minutes to heat up. When I told him the chef had just turned it on, he said it would be 5 minutes. He was the rudest employee in a restaurant that I've ever encountered. We paid for the soup and salad and left. Your manager could have handled the situation in a professional manner. Instead he followed me back to the table and spoke very rudely to me in front of all of your customers. We value customer service and common courtesy so we will not come back to Tokyo Boat.