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Sania Lorison
We can put your website on 1st page of Google to drive relevant traffic to your site. Let us know if you would be interested in getting detailed proposal. We can also schedule a call & will be pleased to explain our services in detail. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks!
Blake Camp
My name is Blake Camp and i just wanted to introduce myself. I'm currently doing my PhD in comp sci, and i have an idea for a startup I'm working on aimed at local businesses. If it isn't too much trouble, I would love the chance to sit down with one of your managers to discuss the idea. Very early stages, and I'm basically interested to know whether or not it's an idea worth pursuing, or if you think I might be wasting my time. I promise I'm not trying to sell you anything, haha. Specifically i'm interested in how you guys promote yourselves and your deals online? Primarily with social media? Groupon or Scoutmob? Essentially we are thinking of building a free and fully customizable alternative to Groupon which helps you manage and advertise all of your deals from one account. Is there a day of the week and/or time that would be best for you guys? Thanks!
We are planning to have kids tennis get together may be with all kids parents. Please let us know the price for adults and kids (under 12 and above 12) for hibachee lunch and dinner
We came there today for a birthday party. There were 14 of us. The diner went great, the food was very good. The grill cook threw food for the birthday boy to catch in his mouth. Best Japanese steakhouse we have ever been to and we have gone to 3 big name ones for birthdays in the last year. Not only that, it was good fun, the price is very reasonable and every one had a good experence .